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Excerpt: Star of the Future (2010)

Star saw it. The opening was quite large. They could pass through easily. She looked at Logan. “Should we try it?"

Logan nodded. “We’ll have to be careful. Those air intakes—”

Before finishing his thought, a bright greenish-white object flew out of the opening! It was moving so fast that it appeared only as a momentary blur in the light beam.

The startled trio lurched backwards, clinging to the handrails. Logan recovered quickly and tried to shine his light on the flying object…with little success.

“Wha…what was that?” cried Crystal.

Before anyone could answer, a blood-curdling shriek filled the chamber. The shrill sound refused to fade, even as the object sped further away. Then, abruptly, the object turned and sped back toward them!

Then, with a blood-curdling shriek and a loud swooosh, it streaked overhead and through the portal where it had first emerged.

“That’s the ghost!” screamed Crystal. “Let’s get out of here!” she leaped away, soaring down the middle of the chamber.

Logan followed her and took the lead. “Follow me!” he cried, stretching out like a swimmer gliding through the water.

Star was too terrified to speak. She shoved off, joining Logan and Crystal in a mad flight away from the ghostly appearance.

Whatever it was…this thing was not friendly!

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