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Celebrating the 2017 Indpendent Press Award recognition for the newest Tony Shane polical thriller, Shoot the Moon, most previous Perone books are offered at 40% OFF. to 50% OFF!

Tony Shane re-emerges in Shoot the Moon, a new adventure that reviewers claim is: “eminently readable,” “gripping, suspenseful, and hard to put down!” and “the most well-crafted Tony Shane to date.”

Perone's 1960s memoir, Turned On! has WON the 2016 Book Excellence Award in the Autobiography category, and has won three different Book-of-the-year FINALIST Awards ...

... and a "Recommended" review from US Review of Books.

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S. P. Perone, Author

Tony Shane returns in the award-winning political thriller Shoot the Moon.

Ripped from today's headlines, Shoot the Moon exposes a diabolic Washington conspiracy like none before.


Selected Vintage Photo (Left)
Award-winning memoir,
Turned On! A Young Professor's 1960s Memoir (2014)

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