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Reader's Comments:
Crisis on Flight 101 (2003)

Crisis on Flight 101 is a fascinating story with strong mental impact.
- Writer's Digest

The plot and the ending make it a unique story that should definitely appeal to fans of political and science fiction thrillers alike. The author does a good job of developing the characters and providing them with realistic dialogue...The unexpected conclusion helps the novel stand out among other science fiction/thrillers...
- iUniverse, publisher's review

A good read. Held my interest from start to finish. The story is preposterous (I don't believe time travel is possible), but if you have an open mind and read it as pure science's very interesting. I'll be very interested in reading the sequel to see why we're all not wearing swastikas.
- Reader in Oklahoma

The entire reading experience was filled with...delights, and as the story came to an end, I was blown away again!
- Reader in Indiana

[Crisis on Flight 101 delivers a] provocative story and life-like characters. In particular, I liked the women. The old idea of time travel with a technology twist is intriguing.
- Reader in San Francisco Bay Area

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