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Reader's Comments:
Einstein's Tunnel (2004)

A very smart, believable and well-written techno-adventure that will keep readers captivated.
- Odyssey Books, Grass Valley, CA

Astounding...exciting...intelligent...thought provoking. [The] writing...amazes me. It continually gets better. The only thing I can critique would be that they end. Please...please...write longer stories. I absolutely love the way you rolled [Einstein's Tunnel] back on itself. A virtual Mobius strip...
- Reviewer in Georgia

I...thoroughly enjoyed [Einstein's Tunnel]. We had a 10-hour layover at London Heathrow, so I read the whole thing during that time, never once nodding off. Now that says something...I really couldn't put it down.
- Reviewer in Oklahoma

Once I got past the prologue I found [Einstein's Tunnel] hard to put down. I read it in a week. I think it could be a great movie!
- Reviewer in California Gold Country

I loved [Einstein's Tunnel]...I am still not sure I believe in time travel but I found it intriguing to say the least. I also love that there is enough romance to keep the ladies interested and enough drama and adventure to keep the men interested.
- Reviewer in California's Central Valley

Enjoyed seeing familiar characters in different roles. The first third of [Einstein's Tunnel] sets everything up, and it's fascinating historical background; but after that it gets even better and hard to put the book down.
- Reviewer in Iowa

Thanks for the good read! I really enjoyed the book.
- Reviewer in Wisconsin

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