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Growing Up Catholic in the Twentieth Century; S. P. Perone

Reader's Comments:
Growing Up Catholic in the Twentieth Century. (2021)

… consistently appealing ... humorous and sober ... often hilarious

— Publisher's Review

Read this book to laugh, to reminisce and to possibly understand … parochial school….

Insightful, entertaining book….

Don’t miss out on an enjoyable and insightful look back at life in mid- 20th century America!

—Amazon Reviews

[The author's] best book to date ... totally engaging ... wonderful use of dialog - brings characters to life.

—Reviewer in New Jersey

… authentic portrait of the 40s and 50s.

— Reader in Illinois

... [made] me laugh and out loud too. 
- Reader in Wisconsin

A winner!
- Reader in Michigan

Absolutely loved it!
- Reader in Illinois

Loved, loved, loved the book ... very fun read.
- Reader in Washington State

The postwar period was an interesting time to grow up, and [the author] adds personal details and experiences to enrich and jog our memories of the era.

—Amazon Reviewer

[The author is] a very brave person to bare [his] soul in this book!
- Reader in Oklahoma

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