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Reader's Comments:
Judgment Day (2006)

This action packed read is absolutely riveting...[the author] does a magnificent job with this fascinating story.
- Books2Mention Magazine

Another home run! A real 'can't put it down; stay up all night page-turner'.
- Reader in Sacramento energetic, fast-paced thriller.
- Writer's Digest

I absolutely loved it!!!
- Reader in Illinois

Couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing...[in] about 6 hours...
- Reader in Oklahoma

Could not put the book down...loved the political theme...LOVED THIS BOOK!
- Reader in the Bay Area

Entertaining. Captivating. Easy reading. Interesting. [the author's] creativity. Surprise endings. Twists and turns in the plot. Timing. Provocative sentences...
- Reader in Auburn, CA

Very strong setting descriptions...which place [the reader] in the scene...
- Reader in Marin County, CA

Really enjoyed [the] book, keep them coming!
- Reader in Nevada County, CA

Enjoyed the book...[the author's] best yet.
- Reader in Nevada County, CA

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