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Reader's Comments:
The StarSight Project (2002)

Full of page-turning action, and the pulse-pounding climax won't disappoint. - The Union, Grass Valley, CA

The StarSight Project is a well-balanced account of a handful of scientists and [their] they suddenly part with familiar territory and plunge into a world where dreadful decisions must be made promptly and correctly. The [story intertwines]...the characters, their personal and professional conflicts, and the technical leaps The StarSight Project must protect those who are...unaware of the devastating tragedy to come. ... The author makes it easy for the reader to understand...technical information necessary for the story's realism. This aspect of The StarSight Project is its nicest indeed. ... The plot is intricate, the characters dynamic, and all seeds come to full blossom. ... A few seeds are left planted in the book's [final] pages, and this leaves the reader wishing a sequel were already in print.
- Reader in Indiana

I commend [the author] on The StarSight Project. [The author] obviously...put much time and effort into this, and the result, in my opinion, is a story that is believable, flows naturally from one event to the next, and engages the reader.
- Reader in Sunnyvale, CA

I really enjoyed [The StarSight Project]. ... Since I live [in the Bay Area, I] was able to relate to some of the [locations]. ... I was disappointed when the book [ended]. This is definitely a good thing, I always feel a little let down when I have finished something I have really enjoyed.
- Reader in Fremont, CA

[The StarSight Project] was well worth reading, and I enjoyed it very much. Knowing [a] little bit about the subject matter, the places, and the situations made it even more interesting for me. [The] plot was well thought out and the characters came to life.
- Reader in Castro Valley, CA

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