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Reader's Comments:
Turned On! (2014)

I started reading this [book] and just couldn’t stop, read it right through.
- London Reviewer

Groovy cover and font! Yeah baby!
- HPMuseum.net

Just read your book this weekend (I couldn't put it down) … thanks for the insight and memories in this book. It was a terrific read. —Utah reviewer

[The author] narrates … stories about people, places, and events with candor and wit … [He] explains his experiences in an engaging and compelling manner… setting his own life story against the background of his times, giving the memoir both depth and context. Very nicely realized! - Editor's review

The dialogue is strong throughout, with well-differentiated characters, and we get delightful humor in this story. The author captures a wide range of tones, from light to authoritative to emotional. Well done.
- Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Award

… technical discussions are artfully related through well-crafted dialogue … [while] mishaps and pranks … help humanize the story, with the era’s music and culture providing a colorful background.
- US Review of Books

I LOVED this book. [It] is a very easy read. In fact, it is quite compelling in the sections with tensions from uncertainty.…
- New Jersey Reviewer

I received the copy of [the book] yesterday afternoon and couldn't put it down. It's a fast read and I finished it today. I loved it!
- Indiana reviewer

I really enjoyed your book! It brought back all the memories of the 60s, 70s, graduate school.… —Bay Area reviewer

Many thanks for putting all this on paper and for sharing so many good memories. —California Wine Country reviewer

It really gets the zeitgeist. Funny and earnest and a bit sad we all were. Thanks for writing it … it’s a treasure. —Purdue reviewer

One aspect that makes [the book] so great is the style of writing. [The author] used dialogue that makes it so much more interesting and intriguing. It reminds me of [his] fictional writing.
- North Carolina reviewer

Your description of that time in the 60s is really on the mark.
- Former student

I like the short chapters... easy to take on a few at a time and laugh a little. —Purdue reviewer

A great story, easy to read, interesting in its details, and fascinating in its narrative. —Amazon reviewer

This [is] a must read [that] speaks to [a] broad audience of academic and private sector readers.… —Amazon reviewer

I found [the book] fascinating … The early chapters were … like walking through a haunted house … when suddenly a [familiar] character would pop out of the darkness … I would then need to stop reading and reflect on my interactions with all these people. —Kansas reviewer

TURNED ON! was a great trip down memory lane, a chance to relive and reminisce about becoming an adult in a turbulent, exciting period of American history. … For anyone who [is a part of or] wants a peek into that world, TURNED ON! could well be a primer for what transpires in the upper echelons of academia. —Amazon reviewer

Every page brings me a smile. It is so precious I can't turn pages casually. —Los Altos reviewer

I read this … straight through. [The author has] a gift of making each section end with suspense—as [in his] novels. I enjoyed immensely … the hair-raising scenarios of making everything work
- Reviewer in New Mexico

[I] really like the conversational style, and [that the author gives] a very good account of the pressures and … ambition to get ahead in the academic world. - Reviewer from Northern California

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