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Reader's Comments:
Youthanasia (2009)

This author plays the story line like an instrument...This book is the cure for kids who say they don't want to read.
- Writers Digest

…absolutely could not put this book down!!! I LOVED IT! Every time I thought I had everything figured out along came another curve, another curve, another curve...right up to the very last line.
- Reviewer in Illinois

...grabs the reader from the first sentence...tightly written, fast-paced thriller that leaves the reader guessing about all pieces of the plot. - iUniverse, publisher's review

I really enjoyed the book. Couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. - Reviewer in Nevada County, CA

Great read…spell binding. - Midwestern Reviewer

A good summer and engaging. I loved the plot...creative and original. - Reviewer in Illinois

...another timely Perone book, considering the daily news...well written and carefully researched...entertaining and thought provoking – a good read. - Reviewer in Sacramento

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