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Mrs. C: A Holiday Fantasy. The feminist movement catches up with good ol’ Saint Nick….

Critically acclaimed Romance novel....

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Mrs. C: A Holiday Fantasy , S. P. Perone, iUniverse, 2017, 122 pages. Softcover, ISBN: 978-1-5320-2900-4. $13.99. E-book, $3.99.

Imagine this: Santa is immortal, but his elves and Mrs. Claus are not. The elf population is self-sustaining; but periodically, a new Mrs. Claus must be recruited.

This time, a computer matchmaking service is used and it selects Margo, a contemporary, professional young woman. Unaware of her date’s real identity, Margo begins to fall for a charming older man she knows only as “Nick.”

The shockingly funny scenes that follow Nick’s revealing marriage proposal lead to perhaps the most bizarre courtship of all time—filled with thought-provoking, often humorous, encounters between a modern young woman, a charming but stuffy Saint Nick, and a coterie of elves who are much more than they seem.

The story unfolds in Saint Nick’s mystical realm at the top of the world, where mysterious and powerful elves hide ancient secrets … even from the man, himself. And Margo soon finds that she is being called upon to do much, much more than anyone had envisioned … with the fate of the entire world at stake.

Written in the same spirit as John Grisham’s short Christmas book, “Skipping Christmas,” which became the classic holiday movie, “Christmas with the Kranks,” Mrs. C delivers a fantasy romantic comedy wrapped inside a suspenseful, real-world crisis.

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