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Mrs. C: A Holiday Fantasy; S. P. Perone

Reader's Comments:
Mrs. C: A Holiday Fantasy. (2017)

… this Christmas fantasy is heartwarming, fun, and entertaining.

— US Review of Books

... grabbed me from the start … romance with a bit of a kick.
... a fun book to curl up with during Christmas.

—Reviewers, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

… wrought with action, drama, romance, and a little magic....

— US Review of Books

... believable and compelling and fun! ... I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Delightful! 
- Reader in New Mexico

This is my favorite book ... Fantasy Fringe - Political ... I really love it! .
- Reader in Washington State

I LOVED this book - so fun and timely and feel good but with a twist, happy and very current - many things. I enjoyed it immensely.
- Reader in Dallas

Fascinating and thought-provoking ... lovely story. … good visuals, sensory details, a worthy introduction to the magical setting. ... excellent scenery, dialogue and pace. Well done.
- Judge, Fifth Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

… enjoyed it tremendously. A good tale, but also some great messages.
- Reader in Indiana

Gotta tell you that I loved the book! … a fast and easy read! … Very Cute Book!
- Reader in Northern California

… a very fun & quick read.
- Reader in California

... it was really good!!! The author combined legend with fantasy, with a very topical commentary on the current world situation, and threw in a bit of philosophy, spirituality, and hope for humanity ... definitely some depth there!
- Amazon Reviewer

Cute theme ... The overall theme of the read is great.
- Reader in California

... absolutely loved it! It had a bit of everything, ... especially enjoyed the dynamic characters [and] the message of hope. I highly recommend!
- Amazon Reviewer

The best thing was ... how old stories (Santa Claus) ... [could] be relevant in our world today.  Sure it was pure fiction, but well-done fiction. 
- Reader in Texas

Cute Christmas story ... really liked the message.... .
- Reader in the Bay Area

... It’s strange and entertaining....
- Editor's review

... quite entertaining - difficult to put down.  
- Reader in Houston.

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