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Growing Up Catholic in the Twentieth Century. (2021)

… consistently appealing ... humorous and sober ... often hilarious

— Publisher's Review

Read this book to laugh, to reminisce and to possibly understand … parochial school….

Insightful, entertaining book….

Don’t miss out on an enjoyable and insightful look back at life in mid- 20th century America!

—Amazon Reviews

[The author's] best book to date ... totally engaging ... wonderful use of dialog - brings characters to life.

—Reviewer in New Jersey

… authentic portrait of the 40s and 50s.

— Reader in Illinois

... [made] me laugh and out loud too. 
- Reader in Wisconsin

A winner!
- Reader in Michigan

Absolutely loved it!
- Reader in Illinois

Loved, loved, loved the book ... very fun read.
- Reader in Washington State

The postwar period was an interesting time to grow up, and [the author] adds personal details and experiences to enrich and jog our memories of the era.

—Amazon Reviewer

[The author is] a very brave person to bare [his] soul in this book!
- Reader in Oklahoma

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Mrs. C: A Holiday Fantasy. (2017)

… this Christmas fantasy is heartwarming, fun, and entertaining.

— US Review of Books

... grabbed me from the start … romance with a bit of a kick.
... a fun book to curl up with during Christmas.

—Reviewers, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

… wrought with action, drama, romance, and a little magic....

— US Review of Books

... believable and compelling and fun! ... I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Delightful! 
- Reader in New Mexico

This is my favorite book ... Fantasy Fringe - Political ... I really love it! .
- Reader in Washington State

I LOVED this book - so fun and timely and feel good but with a twist, happy and very current - many things. I enjoyed it immensely.
- Reader in Dallas

Fascinating and thought-provoking ... lovely story. … good visuals, sensory details, a worthy introduction to the magical setting. ... excellent scenery, dialogue and pace. Well done.
- Judge, Fifth Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.

… enjoyed it tremendously. A good tale, but also some great messages.
- Reader in Indiana

Gotta tell you that I loved the book! … a fast and easy read! … Very Cute Book!
- Reader in Northern California

… a very fun & quick read.
- Reader in California

... it was really good!!! The author combined legend with fantasy, with a very topical commentary on the current world situation, and threw in a bit of philosophy, spirituality, and hope for humanity ... definitely some depth there!
- Amazon Reviewer

Cute theme ... The overall theme of the read is great.
- Reader in California

... absolutely loved it! It had a bit of everything, ... especially enjoyed the dynamic characters [and] the message of hope. I highly recommend!
- Amazon Reviewer

The best thing was ... how old stories (Santa Claus) ... [could] be relevant in our world today.  Sure it was pure fiction, but well-done fiction. 
- Reader in Texas

Cute Christmas story ... really liked the message.... .
- Reader in the Bay Area

... It’s strange and entertaining....
- Editor's review

... quite entertaining - difficult to put down.  
- Reader in Houston.

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Shoot the Moon (2016)

... the most well-crafted Tony Shane to date ... eminently readable.
- Reader in the Bay Area

SHOOT THE MOON was hard to put down ... dialogue is great, snappy, realistic.
- Reader in New Mexico

...could not put the story down.
- East Coast Reader

[It's] what is happening today ... would make a great movie!
- Reader in Arizona

The author should be commended for sketching the action with fine detail work ... settings are described vividly without slowing the pace.
- Editor's review

… a truly wide-ranging story.
... blackjack session … details are juicy.
- Judge, 4th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

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Turned On! (2014)

I started reading this [book] and just couldn’t stop, read it right through.
- London Reviewer

Groovy cover and font! Yeah baby!

Just read your book this weekend (I couldn't put it down) … thanks for the insight and memories in this book. It was a terrific read. —Utah reviewer

[The author] narrates … stories about people, places, and events with candor and wit … [He] explains his experiences in an engaging and compelling manner… setting his own life story against the background of his times, giving the memoir both depth and context. Very nicely realized! - Editor's review

The dialogue is strong throughout, with well-differentiated characters, and we get delightful humor in this story. The author captures a wide range of tones, from light to authoritative to emotional. Well done.
- Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Award

… technical discussions are artfully related through well-crafted dialogue … [while] mishaps and pranks … help humanize the story, with the era’s music and culture providing a colorful background.
- US Review of Books

I LOVED this book. [It] is a very easy read. In fact, it is quite compelling in the sections with tensions from uncertainty.…
- New Jersey Reviewer

I received the copy of [the book] yesterday afternoon and couldn't put it down. It's a fast read and I finished it today. I loved it!
- Indiana reviewer

I really enjoyed your book! It brought back all the memories of the 60s, 70s, graduate school.… —Bay Area reviewer

Many thanks for putting all this on paper and for sharing so many good memories. —California Wine Country reviewer

It really gets the zeitgeist. Funny and earnest and a bit sad we all were. Thanks for writing it … it’s a treasure. —Purdue reviewer

One aspect that makes [the book] so great is the style of writing. [The author] used dialogue that makes it so much more interesting and intriguing. It reminds me of [his] fictional writing.
- North Carolina reviewer

Your description of that time in the 60s is really on the mark.
- Former student

I like the short chapters... easy to take on a few at a time and laugh a little. —Purdue reviewer

A great story, easy to read, interesting in its details, and fascinating in its narrative. —Amazon reviewer

This [is] a must read [that] speaks to [a] broad audience of academic and private sector readers.… —Amazon reviewer

I found [the book] fascinating … The early chapters were … like walking through a haunted house … when suddenly a [familiar] character would pop out of the darkness … I would then need to stop reading and reflect on my interactions with all these people. —Kansas reviewer

TURNED ON! was a great trip down memory lane, a chance to relive and reminisce about becoming an adult in a turbulent, exciting period of American history. … For anyone who [is a part of or] wants a peek into that world, TURNED ON! could well be a primer for what transpires in the upper echelons of academia. —Amazon reviewer

Every page brings me a smile. It is so precious I can't turn pages casually. —Los Altos reviewer

I read this … straight through. [The author has] a gift of making each section end with suspense—as [in his] novels. I enjoyed immensely … the hair-raising scenarios of making everything work
- Reviewer in New Mexico

[I] really like the conversational style, and [that the author gives] a very good account of the pressures and … ambition to get ahead in the academic world. - Reviewer from Northern California

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Star of the Future (2010)

Young Reviewers:

I LOVE Star! Please tell us more…

Crystal is a pain, but I always wonder what she will do next...

My favorite parts are when Logan gets put down by Star...

Adult Reviewers:

...really enjoyed Star of the Future - it's a terrific would make a great video game and/or movie.
- Reviewer in Illinois

...well-executed story...interesting...believable...should appeal to young readers, particularly those with an interest in science fiction and fantasy stories. The extremely good at balancing dialogue and action... - iUniverse, publisher's review

It’s my favorite of Perone’s novels.
- Reviewer in Nevada County, CA

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Youthanasia (2009)

This author plays the story line like an instrument...This book is the cure for kids who say they don't want to read.
- Writers Digest

…absolutely could not put this book down!!! I LOVED IT! Every time I thought I had everything figured out along came another curve, another curve, another curve...right up to the very last line.
- Reviewer in Illinois

...grabs the reader from the first sentence...tightly written, fast-paced thriller that leaves the reader guessing about all pieces of the plot. - iUniverse, publisher's review

I really enjoyed the book. Couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. - Reviewer in Nevada County, CA

Great read…spell binding. - Midwestern Reviewer

A good summer and engaging. I loved the plot...creative and original. - Reviewer in Illinois

...another timely Perone book, considering the daily news...well written and carefully researched...entertaining and thought provoking – a good read. - Reviewer in Sacramento

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Judgment Day (2006)

This action packed read is absolutely riveting...[the author] does a magnificent job with this fascinating story.
- Books2Mention Magazine

Another home run! A real 'can't put it down; stay up all night page-turner'.
- Reader in Sacramento energetic, fast-paced thriller.
- Writer's Digest

I absolutely loved it!!!
- Reader in Illinois

Couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing...[in] about 6 hours...
- Reader in Oklahoma

Could not put the book down...loved the political theme...LOVED THIS BOOK!
- Reader in the Bay Area

Entertaining. Captivating. Easy reading. Interesting. [the author's] creativity. Surprise endings. Twists and turns in the plot. Timing. Provocative sentences...
- Reader in Auburn, CA

Very strong setting descriptions...which place [the reader] in the scene...
- Reader in Marin County, CA

Really enjoyed [the] book, keep them coming!
- Reader in Nevada County, CA

Enjoyed the book...[the author's] best yet.
- Reader in Nevada County, CA

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Murder Almighty (2005)

LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! It grabbed me right from the start... It was a great/fun read. Quick and suspenseful...Great job!
- Reviewer in California's Central Valley

...compelling and provocative...[with] deft characterizations. The convoluted plotting is awesome. - Writer's Digest (2010)

... a Vatican thriller like Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, but more believable ...
- Reviewer in the East Bay Area, CA

...a cross between 'The DaVinci Code'[by Dan Brown] and 'The Plot' by Irving Wallace...packed full of the diabolical doings of the church...[the author] populates his novel with intriguing characters and a lavish attention to setting...almost cinematic -- it would make a good movie.
- Writer's Digest (2008)

This fascinating story will take readers on an amazing journey…
- Books2Mention Magazine

A cracker-jack book! Very timely, very credible, and full of intrigue of a very different type.
- Reviewer in California Wine Country

I couldn't put the book down... The dialogue was ever so believable. I stayed up until 3:00 am one night and finished the book the next day...haven't done that for a long time.
- Reviewer in Illinois

…couldn't put it down … I found it fascinating … I remember very well the drive from Sorrento to Positano, and that scene in the book was just as exciting as when I was on that road … I truly enjoyed reading Murder Almighty … I learned a lot about the Church, and [the author] handled the skeptic and the devout very astutely.
- Reviewer in Wisconsin

I enjoyed [the] fine writing … [The author] gave quite a primer on the institutional Church…
- Reviewer in Michigan

A fast-paced, well-plotted tale with an intriguing backdrop... The author's ability to dip us into one element of the plot line, leave us hanging in that while he shifts into another...feels like an expertly-woven tapestry.
- iUniverse, publisher's review

I like the concept, the irreverent theme, the story line...and the detailed description of the geography, local color, local places of interest... It gives the reader an authentic feel for the region, town, Inn, restaurant that makes for a fine read.
- Reviewer in Marin County, CA

For the aficionado of murder/mystery novels, Murder Almighty is a real treat ... just when the reader is dying to find out what happens next, ... we are steered into another area. And finally, to my great surprise, the book ends on a very positive note ... Enjoy!
- Reviewer in Contra Costa County, CA

This is [the author's] best work to date.
- Reviewer in Bay Area

Good job! I thoroughly enjoyed it, hard to put excellent tale!
- Reviewer in Oklahoma

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Einstein's Tunnel (2004)

A very smart, believable and well-written techno-adventure that will keep readers captivated.
- Odyssey Books, Grass Valley, CA

Astounding...exciting...intelligent...thought provoking. [The] writing...amazes me. It continually gets better. The only thing I can critique would be that they end. Please...please...write longer stories. I absolutely love the way you rolled [Einstein's Tunnel] back on itself. A virtual Mobius strip...
- Reader in Georgia

I...thoroughly enjoyed [Einstein's Tunnel]. We had a 10-hour layover at London Heathrow, so I read the whole thing during that time, never once nodding off. Now that says something...I really couldn't put it down.
- Reader in Oklahoma

Once I got past the prologue I found [Einstein's Tunnel] hard to put down. I read it in a week. I think it could be a great movie!
- Reader in California Gold Country

I loved [Einstein's Tunnel]...I am still not sure I believe in time travel but I found it intriguing to say the least. I also love that there is enough romance to keep the ladies interested and enough drama and adventure to keep the men interested.
- Reader in California's Central Valley

Enjoyed seeing familiar characters in different roles. The first third of [Einstein's Tunnel] sets everything up, and it's fascinating historical background; but after that it gets even better and hard to put the book down.
- Reader in Iowa

Thanks for the good read! I really enjoyed the book.
- Reader in Wisconsin

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Crisis on Flight 101 (2003)

Crisis on Flight 101 is a fascinating story with strong mental impact.
- Writer's Digest

The plot and the ending make it a unique story that should definitely appeal to fans of political and science fiction thrillers alike. The author does a good job of developing the characters and providing them with realistic dialogue...The unexpected conclusion helps the novel stand out among other science fiction/thrillers...
- iUniverse, publisher's review

A good read. Held my interest from start to finish. The story is preposterous (I don't believe time travel is possible), but if you have an open mind and read it as pure science's very interesting. I'll be very interested in reading the sequel to see why we're all not wearing swastikas.
- Reader in Oklahoma

The entire reading experience was filled with...delights, and as the story came to an end, I was blown away again!
- Reader in Indiana

[Crisis on Flight 101 delivers a] provocative story and life-like characters. In particular, I liked the women. The old idea of time travel with a technology twist is intriguing.
- Reader in San Francisco Bay Area

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The StarSight Project (2002)

Full of page-turning action, and the pulse-pounding climax won't disappoint. - The Union, Grass Valley, CA

The StarSight Project is a well-balanced account of a handful of scientists and [their] they suddenly part with familiar territory and plunge into a world where dreadful decisions must be made promptly and correctly. The [story intertwines]...the characters, their personal and professional conflicts, and the technical leaps The StarSight Project must protect those who are...unaware of the devastating tragedy to come. ... The author makes it easy for the reader to understand...technical information necessary for the story's realism. This aspect of The StarSight Project is its nicest indeed. ... The plot is intricate, the characters dynamic, and all seeds come to full blossom. ... A few seeds are left planted in the book's [final] pages, and this leaves the reader wishing a sequel were already in print.
- Reader in Indiana

I commend [the author] on The StarSight Project. [The author] obviously...put much time and effort into this, and the result, in my opinion, is a story that is believable, flows naturally from one event to the next, and engages the reader.
- Reader in Sunnyvale, CA

I really enjoyed [The StarSight Project]. ... Since I live [in the Bay Area, I] was able to relate to some of the [locations]. ... I was disappointed when the book [ended]. This is definitely a good thing, I always feel a little let down when I have finished something I have really enjoyed.
- Reader in Fremont, CA

[The StarSight Project] was well worth reading, and I enjoyed it very much. Knowing [a] little bit about the subject matter, the places, and the situations made it even more interesting for me. [The] plot was well thought out and the characters came to life.
- Reader in Castro Valley, CA

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